Thursday, June 22, 2006

Strange Birds

Ok, my children are odd. Let me set this up for you... We co-sleep and since the girls are wiggle worms, we have our mattress on the floor. We set up little pallets (sp?) with blankets for them on either side of the bed so that each of us is in charge of one girl over the course of the night. Ok. So after we put the girls to sleep last night, one on each side, we went back down stairs to clean up and get ourselves ready for bed. We had the monitor on in case they woke up... which they occassionally still do. We heard a few little cries, but they seemed more like they were adjusting themselves and not actually waking up, so we let it go. Then, a few minutes later, we heard a full-fledged cry. So I went upstairs in the pitch black and followed the sound to who was crying. It was coming from Mya's side. So I picked Mya up (she was kind of stuck between the bedside table and the mattress) and put her back to sleep. By this time, my eyes had adjusted and I got up to go back downstairs. As I looked down, I noticed Sylvia was missing from her side. I looked back and saw that Mya was sleeping soundly where I had left her... it was Sylvia that had gotten stuck! She climbed up on the bed and over to the other side to her sister, but got stuck!!! They're so twinny!

In other news, they went on their first trip to the beach. They enjoyed it immensely. Both of them would crawl directly into the surf. When a wave came they would sit up so it didn't hit them in the face and as the water went back out, they would crawl after it. Very cute stuff. They liked the boat as well, but didn't quite love the life jackets. I don't blame them. I took lots of pictures, but I'm on dial-up here. As soon as I move, I'll definitely post some more. I mean, it has been almost a month since my last post!