Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day '08

We are having some gorgeous weather here this Memorial Day. This morning, we took out the backyard water park and the girls went nuts. They had fun splashing around and going down the slide (which really needed some baby oil or something... it was slow). This evening, we'll be going over to my parents' house for dinner and visiting with my sisters and their kids.

A few pictures of this morning's fun...

And yesterday, we went to Bassett Park. The girls had their first ice cream truck experience (as well as their first popsicle)! Needless to say, they enjoyed it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Setting: Doctor's office after an hour's wait. 6:10 pm Tuesday

Mommy (to Mya and Sylvia): Do you think the sun will still be up when we go outside or will it be dark?

Sylvia (to Mommy): It dark outside. It scare me.

Mommy (to Sylvia): Why does it scare you?

Sylvia (to Mommy): The monsters.

Mommy (to Sylvia): There's no monsters.

Sylvia (to Mommy): You save me?

Mya (to Sylvia): No, the moon save you.

Sylvia (to Mya): Oh, the moon. You save me?

Mya (to Sylvia): No, I not a mommy.

My kids know how the world works. And honestly, what can keep you more safe in your sleep than a pile of stuffed animals?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Ok, who knew gum could be so cute? They were dying to chew it and they know how to spit it out, so I let them go for it (supervised because i'm nervous like that). They looked like little valley girls, so I had to get it on tape! I also love how they know the camera and were yelling "cheese" as if to say "take the dang picture already!"