Monday, August 06, 2007

2-year Update!

I had this posted on my other journal and totally forgot to post it on here... so a bunch of weeks late... here is the girls' 2-year-update.

We're two (as of July 18th)!!!! Terrible twos or Terrific twos? It depends on the day! I guess that makes us pretty normal two-year-olds. We love to get into trouble together. Moms know if it's quiet, they have to worry! We had our 2nd birthday party with an SPCA theme and asked everyone to donate things to unlucky doggies and kitties. Mom made our cakes look like dogbowls. She's weird.

We've had a huge couple of months! In a matter of a week (in June), we decided to go straight from having about 20 words ( + animal/transportation sounds) to speaking in sentences and questions and within the month have picked up between 50-100 words if not more. Moms were shocked at the rapid progress we made. Mommy Jody admits she was nervous we might have a delay, but she's over that feeling now!

We really like to play at the playground and climb. We love to climb the rope ladders to get to the swings rather than taking the stairs. Our other favorite is to hang on the zip line and have Mom push us across!

Our all time favorite passtime (other than watching the whale in Finding Nemo) is to read books! Moms are happy about that, but they're a little annoyed at having to read the same books over and over... and over again. Our favorite nighttimebook is "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?". We love it when Mom RRROOOAAARRRS! We get so silly.

We really like trains, airplanes, and buses. We find them as much as we can when we go outside and we listen for them in the distance. We got to go on all three when we went to visit our family in Georgia. We were really excited! We're pretty glad we didn't get kicked off the plane like the other little boy from Georgia. We know how he felt... we were excited to say bye-bye, too!

Well, here are our stats from our two-year wellbaby doctors visit.

Mya: 24 1/2 lbs, 32 1/2 inches tall... that's up 2 1/2 lbs and 1 inch from 18 months. My chart shows I've picked up on weight a bit (20th %ile - I eat way more than Sylvia) and dropped down a bit in height (25th %ile). Mom thinks I'm about to shoot up.

Sylvia: 22lbs (same as last time, but Mom thinks last time was inaccurate), 32 1/8 inches tall (up 3/4 of an inch). I've followed my weight pattern pretty evenly at 5th %ile except for last time (Mom says it's an outlier... whatever that means). My height dropped to the 25th %ile, too.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I don't want to make the big update until the 18th (or so), but I have to come brag on my little twinkies. In the past week while we were on vacation, they started consistently talking in full sentences! "Mama, I want more _____." "Will you help?" And my favorite is when they try to sing the last verse of the ABC's "Now I know my sea, Next I won't meeeeeeeeee"

Sigh... cute.

Monday, June 18, 2007

23 months!

This won't be a long update, but Sylvia and Mya are 23 months old today! One month from today, they will turn 2 years old! Can you believe it? I can't! They are starting to talk like crazy, putting words together, practicing their twin talk, and giving the best hugs and kisses ever!

They're physically active little girls and I'm having a lot of fun keeping up with them. Though when they are tired, it's a fight! They can gang up on us like nothing you've seen! But then as soon as they hit the bed, all they want are hugs and their lovies. Such sweet independent little girls!

I'll be back with a longer update when the time arises!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful! My sisters and I (along with my mom's mom, the 5 cousins, Mendy and my dad) took my mother on the Thimble Island Cruises. It was actually pretty interesting and it was a gorgeous day to be out on the boat. My mom has the same connection to water as I do, so it was ideal for both of us. We all went to eat at The Chowder Pot III afterward. Yummy food. I was very proud of the girls. They did a great job on the boat, though they were intent on trying to play on the stairs to the lower deck the whole time. They also did REALLY well at a not-s0-kid-friendly restaurant and let us eat our whole meal in peace! I guess that was their mother's day gift to me. I liked it. Then we went over to my parents house and we all had ice cream cake and chilled out. The girls napped there for 3 HOURS. They were exhausted.

As a gift, Mendy got me a deep fryer. Not the most common Mommy's day gift, but hey, it's what I asked for! I really want to make tempura! And a great side benefit is that I can now make fried dough in the comfort of my own home... mmm.

Here's a pic of the girls on the boat from yesterday.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Long Time, No Post

Well hello there! I haven't forgotten about this blog. Ok, I had, but now I've remembered and 2 months later, I am posting again! The girls have gotten so independent. They're *this* close to being able to open doorknobs which will make life a lot more interesting. Their vocabulary has exploded. They started preschool this past Monday and are loving it. They still give us a hard time in the mornings because they are testing us, but less than 5 minutes after we leave, they are happily playing. When I go to pick them up, I'll peek in at them first. They are usually completely engaged in whatever activity they are doing. Then when they see me, they turn on the tears like it was the worst thing that could have happened to them! Slick little kids, I tell ya!

They had a great Easter and were rabid egg hunters... yes, rabid. They would growl if another kid was going for their egg. Good times.

We took a trip to Vermont to meet one of my best friend's newborn. He is absolutely adorable. I can't wait for him to grow up and be able to play with the girls! He is 6 weeks old. In the morning, when we woke up at her house, the girls looked around, figured out where they were and started saying "baby! baby!" All they wanted to do was play with the baby. I guess I"ll have to get another one soon.... ;) *sigh*

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sicky Sick

Wow, what a night. At around 11:30, I heard a cry from the girls room that was not just "adjusting". So I went in to find Sylvia puking the days menu onto the pillow, sheets and blankets. Lovely. Luckily it didn't hit Mya, so we changed the sheets and Mendy stayed in the girls room with Mya. I took Sylvia and a bunch of towels back to our room to tend to her. Every ten minutes with a rare 30 minute exception, she had a bout of vomiting. The poor thing was throwing up in her sleep at times. I felt awful for her. In the morning, she started to seem better, but was also showing signs of dehydration, so I was getting ready to bring her to the hospital. As I started to get her ready... Mya starts gagging and puking. She didn't puke up any food, though. I guess she had digested it all. Thank god. Anyway, I let Sylvia chill while we cleaned up and tended to Mya and Sylvia seemed to get a bit better so we let her drink some gatorade. In small sips, she was keeping it down, so we never had to go to the hospital. Mya didn't have it nearly as bad as Sylvia, but it took a while for her to be able to drink anything either. They both seem better and have held down some toast and cheerios, so I think we're on the mend. Unfortunately, Mendy now has whatever it is and has been in bed all day today.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I"m not next!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The girls had their 18 month wellbaby visit on Tuesday. And they couldn't be more identical... no really.

Sylvia's stats: 22lbs, 31 1/4 inches, head circumference - 48".
Mya's stats: 22lbs, 31 1/4 inches, head circumference - 48".

That's 17th percentile for weight! They're on the charts!!!! 50th %ile for height and between 75th and 90th %ile in head circumference.

Yeah. Identical. Sylvia's speech has exploded in the past two weeks. She now has moon, star, shoes, socks, head, night-night, etc... I can't keep track anymore! Mya is still a little slower, but she'll do it when she's ready. She's was sick last week and she's not all too impressed with the new digs. I think being home for February break will help her out... AND MOMMY!

Ok, I must go, work beckons.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Moving and Sleeping

Quick update. We moved. The girls are loving the new house. They have much more room to run around and play without being on top of each other. They have their own room and a playroom which is really nice. They have slept through the night for 3 straight nights, now. Which is good because we needed the rest, too. Last night, they wanted to crawl all over me as I was putting them to sleep, so I decided to try letting them stay on their own. Can you believe in 15 minutes they were sound asleep in their bed? When I left, I heard them follow me to the door and do their fussy cry (I would have went back had it been real crying). Then I heard them start "talking" to each other. Then I didn't hear anything for about 5 minutes. Then a few fussy cries. I stood by the door incase it turned into real crying so I could go in if need be. Then nothing. Twenty minutes later, I peaked in and they were sound asleep... IN BED. Which means they crawled back up into the bed together and put themselves to sleep. How cute is that?!?!?!

Monday, January 22, 2007

18 Month Update

The girls turned 18 months old on the 18th of this month. I can't believe it... weren't they just born? I don't want time to go this quickly!!! Updatewise... I don't have their weights/heights because they don't go to the doctor until Feb. 6th. As for their development, they are running around like madwomen. They climb EVERYTHING in sight. They play "catch", color, use forks/spoons (occasionally), follow directions (when they want to), do yoga, are attempting forward rolls, can locate their body parts (the newest is "cho"=shoulder). Speech is on target... They can repeat a bunch of words, but they only USE 5 or 6 of them (star, Pablo, Mama, Gaia, cat, more). They're much more receptive than expressive at this point. Though, they do have a twintalk repetoire of words... the two I've picked up are "gibble-bah" and "ichi". Cute buggers. Ok, I'll update the percentiles after the doctor's appointment. I'm anxious to see if they've caught up at all.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas and such things

The girls had a wonderful Christmas. They really got into tearing apart the wrapping paper and opening boxes. They didn't necessarily play with all the toys, but they sure loved opening the boxes. Not even playing with the paper and boxes, but opening them and saying "ooooooh!" and then diving after the next box. It was quite cute.

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Sylvia - "What's next?!?"

They got a matching pair of duck pjs from Santa Mendy and when they opened them, they started quacking. C.U.T.E.

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Mendy, Sylvia & Mya (wearing their new pjs)

Their favorite gift was probably a set of strollers that my sister got for them. They push around their dolls and/or Pablo in them. Here is Mya with little Pablo.

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They also got sing & spin Pablo which was a hit, but caused a few fights over sharing. They have since learned to share Pablo.

We travelled to Georgia to visit Mendy's family for 5 days. It was really nice to see them. I love how her family adores the girls and will do anything for them. The girls did great on the plane and even though their little routine was screwed up, they didn't seem too fazed by it. They were happy as always and just as outgoing.

They should be going for their 18 month well-baby visit later this month, so I will be back with the details.