Saturday, March 21, 2009


Sometimes I wonder if I really am "that mom". My kids have been in 5 daycare situations so far. First, they were at an in-home daycare in our neighborhood. Second, they stayed at our house with their Aunt and their baby cousin who is 3 months younger. Third, we moved to CT and a friend watched them for a few weeks. Fourth, after a no-show nanny, we had a nanny who came to our house. Fifth, we moved to Hamden and put the girls in a nice daycare/preschool nearby. The daycare changed owners and went downhill this year. They are now enrolled in a new school starting in September. Is this too much turnover for my little girls?!?! I feel like they have made the changes well and are still able to attach. I didn't really want to move them again before Kindergarten, but I'm just too uncomfortable with the current setting. That being said, they will be starting at for the next school year.

That being said, they are just growing and getting funnier and funnier every day! They've physically grown about 3 inches in the past 4 months and are little eating machines... 6 pancakes each this morning!

They're starting to find things that are out of the ordinary very funny. Mya was in hysterics after she said she wanted to eat her leftover chicken from lunch "on the road". Originally she meant "in the car". This turned into a back and forth between the girls. "I'm going to eat chicken on a tree", "I'm going to eat chicken on the sun!", "I'm going to sit on the sun!", etc. There was about 2 minutes of hysterical laughter between each comment.

Good times, good times.

I'm really loving every minute of it... even when they're frustrated and break out the attitude, I still love it!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

For the past 3 weeks, the household has been battling the New England flu-like illness that has been going around. I am happy to say that the four of us are officially back in commission. We all still have a little remaining cough, but the energy is finally back. We were on vacation this week which gave us some much needed recovery time.

There is not much to update on at this point. Sylvia and Mya are still being the cuties they tend to be on a day-to-day basis. They also have a major attitude that cracks us up more than makes us upset. I mostly forget to write down the funny comments.
Here are the girls Valentine pictures from this year. Sylvia is on the left and Mya on the right in all pictures. Enjoy :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Ah, the oft neglected blog. Anyway, here's the latest update. I love having potty trained children. But, I admit, I miss the days of not having to worry about when the last time they went to the bathroom was before we get in the car, the timing of the car ride, etc. Diapers were definitely more convenient. Sylvia will still have accidents occasionally at school during nap time, but she's fine at home. Mya has even been good at night, but we still put both of them in diapers for overnight.

They say the funniest things and I really need to start documenting them. I'm terrible at remembering exactly what it was they said. They constantly crack me up, though.

Their latest interests are hockey, snow, dinosaurs, animals, breakfast bars, oatmeal, waffles, christmas lights, counting, playing with "mommy and baby" toys, guinea pigs, clothes (skirts, scarves, tights, cozy pants, jammies), reading books and lots of music.

Here are a few recent pictures:
Poppi (my dad), Sylvia, me, Mya, Mendy w/ the Stanley Cup
Mya, Sylvia
Mya, Sylvia @ Strawberry Fields
Sylvia, Mya in Central Park

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Potty Trained!

I'm going to say this with a good amount of confidence... Sylvia and Mya are potty trained! At just over 3, I expect accidents here and there, but they have consistently napped and gone overnight with no accidents. They tell us when they have to go and they can hold it for a short period of time when we are out and have to find a bathroom! I'm so proud of them! It was WAY easier than I expected it to be. I guess since we didn't stress it, they didn't feel stressed out.

Now, if only stopping them from whining was so easy...

Friday, August 22, 2008


We took a trip to Sleeping Giant the other day. I'm really surprised at how well the girls did. Sylvia loved hiking and I think Mya did well because she wanted to be with Sylvia! Ha! Anyways, here are a few pics from the trip:

Sylvia running up the trail

Mya in pink, wanting to rock climb:

Taking a drink break:

Mya walking Gaia:

Sylvia with Gaia:

At their 3 year well visit, Mya weighed in at exactly 27lbs and 36". Sylvia weighed in at 26lbs 12oz and 35 3/4". Just a touch smaller than Mya. They were both finally on the chart between the 5th and 10th percentile. My little pumpkins are minis! They go back to school on Thursday. And I go back on Monday. Mendy went all this week but then has off until Thursday, so she'll be with the girls until Wednesday. Another year begins for us.

Friday, July 25, 2008

3-year Update!

Hi Everyone!

Sylvia, Mya Sylvia, Mya

Can you believe we just turned three? And we can show you on our fingers, too! We did quite a bit of growing this year, in all sorts of ways. This year, we went to daycare and socialized with our friends. We've really begun to play WITH our friends, not just next to them. When we went on vacation to Florida and Georgia last month, we even learned how to swim by ourselves (with our tube floats).

Mya, Sylvia

We love to repeat whatever our mommies say (whether good or bad!) and they think we come up with some pretty funny things on our own. We really like to discover the world around us. We have definitely started to develop different personalities. Sylvia seems to be more sensitive, but she is also the leader and likes things her way.


Mya tends to be more independent from her mommies, but she follows along with whatever Sylvia wants to do.


Both of us love attention, but we also really like to play by ourselves. Our imaginations have really started growing and that's fun when we play together, but sometimes it's a little scary because we've started having some bad dreams. Mama is pretty good at explaining shadows and things to us, so we're still comfortable going to sleep. Speaking of sleep, we finally sleep a good 10 hours at night and still take our afternoon nap. At naptime, Sylvia falls asleep very quickly, and Mya needs to move around A LOT before she gets comfortable enough to sleep. At bedtime, we fall asleep on our own, but we have to have all of our stuffed animals with us and Mommies have to read us a book or sing songs. We love how Mommy reads the "monster" book (about Grover) and we love books about trains and dinosaurs and families and well, really, we love any book.

Sylvia, Mya

We know our ABCs and can count to 10. We like to sing songs (especially the itsy-bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle little star, old macdonald, and the wheels on the bus) and even make up our own songs about things that are going on around us. We like to do yoga and forward rolls. Most of all, we love to wear underwear! Mommies are just starting to let us wear it out of the house because sometimes we still have accidents, but we're getting good at telling Mommies when we have to go!

Mya, Sylvia

Well, that's about it from us for this year... Mommy edited and realized we stepped into the third person on occasion, but it's hard to speak on behalf of both of us... she's smart like that. :D

Sylvia & Mya