Saturday, March 21, 2009


Sometimes I wonder if I really am "that mom". My kids have been in 5 daycare situations so far. First, they were at an in-home daycare in our neighborhood. Second, they stayed at our house with their Aunt and their baby cousin who is 3 months younger. Third, we moved to CT and a friend watched them for a few weeks. Fourth, after a no-show nanny, we had a nanny who came to our house. Fifth, we moved to Hamden and put the girls in a nice daycare/preschool nearby. The daycare changed owners and went downhill this year. They are now enrolled in a new school starting in September. Is this too much turnover for my little girls?!?! I feel like they have made the changes well and are still able to attach. I didn't really want to move them again before Kindergarten, but I'm just too uncomfortable with the current setting. That being said, they will be starting at for the next school year.

That being said, they are just growing and getting funnier and funnier every day! They've physically grown about 3 inches in the past 4 months and are little eating machines... 6 pancakes each this morning!

They're starting to find things that are out of the ordinary very funny. Mya was in hysterics after she said she wanted to eat her leftover chicken from lunch "on the road". Originally she meant "in the car". This turned into a back and forth between the girls. "I'm going to eat chicken on a tree", "I'm going to eat chicken on the sun!", "I'm going to sit on the sun!", etc. There was about 2 minutes of hysterical laughter between each comment.

Good times, good times.

I'm really loving every minute of it... even when they're frustrated and break out the attitude, I still love it!

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What's happened to you guys? You haven't posted in a while... Everything ok?