Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful! My sisters and I (along with my mom's mom, the 5 cousins, Mendy and my dad) took my mother on the Thimble Island Cruises. It was actually pretty interesting and it was a gorgeous day to be out on the boat. My mom has the same connection to water as I do, so it was ideal for both of us. We all went to eat at The Chowder Pot III afterward. Yummy food. I was very proud of the girls. They did a great job on the boat, though they were intent on trying to play on the stairs to the lower deck the whole time. They also did REALLY well at a not-s0-kid-friendly restaurant and let us eat our whole meal in peace! I guess that was their mother's day gift to me. I liked it. Then we went over to my parents house and we all had ice cream cake and chilled out. The girls napped there for 3 HOURS. They were exhausted.

As a gift, Mendy got me a deep fryer. Not the most common Mommy's day gift, but hey, it's what I asked for! I really want to make tempura! And a great side benefit is that I can now make fried dough in the comfort of my own home... mmm.

Here's a pic of the girls on the boat from yesterday.