Monday, August 06, 2007

2-year Update!

I had this posted on my other journal and totally forgot to post it on here... so a bunch of weeks late... here is the girls' 2-year-update.

We're two (as of July 18th)!!!! Terrible twos or Terrific twos? It depends on the day! I guess that makes us pretty normal two-year-olds. We love to get into trouble together. Moms know if it's quiet, they have to worry! We had our 2nd birthday party with an SPCA theme and asked everyone to donate things to unlucky doggies and kitties. Mom made our cakes look like dogbowls. She's weird.

We've had a huge couple of months! In a matter of a week (in June), we decided to go straight from having about 20 words ( + animal/transportation sounds) to speaking in sentences and questions and within the month have picked up between 50-100 words if not more. Moms were shocked at the rapid progress we made. Mommy Jody admits she was nervous we might have a delay, but she's over that feeling now!

We really like to play at the playground and climb. We love to climb the rope ladders to get to the swings rather than taking the stairs. Our other favorite is to hang on the zip line and have Mom push us across!

Our all time favorite passtime (other than watching the whale in Finding Nemo) is to read books! Moms are happy about that, but they're a little annoyed at having to read the same books over and over... and over again. Our favorite nighttimebook is "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?". We love it when Mom RRROOOAAARRRS! We get so silly.

We really like trains, airplanes, and buses. We find them as much as we can when we go outside and we listen for them in the distance. We got to go on all three when we went to visit our family in Georgia. We were really excited! We're pretty glad we didn't get kicked off the plane like the other little boy from Georgia. We know how he felt... we were excited to say bye-bye, too!

Well, here are our stats from our two-year wellbaby doctors visit.

Mya: 24 1/2 lbs, 32 1/2 inches tall... that's up 2 1/2 lbs and 1 inch from 18 months. My chart shows I've picked up on weight a bit (20th %ile - I eat way more than Sylvia) and dropped down a bit in height (25th %ile). Mom thinks I'm about to shoot up.

Sylvia: 22lbs (same as last time, but Mom thinks last time was inaccurate), 32 1/8 inches tall (up 3/4 of an inch). I've followed my weight pattern pretty evenly at 5th %ile except for last time (Mom says it's an outlier... whatever that means). My height dropped to the 25th %ile, too.