Friday, July 25, 2008

3-year Update!

Hi Everyone!

Sylvia, Mya Sylvia, Mya

Can you believe we just turned three? And we can show you on our fingers, too! We did quite a bit of growing this year, in all sorts of ways. This year, we went to daycare and socialized with our friends. We've really begun to play WITH our friends, not just next to them. When we went on vacation to Florida and Georgia last month, we even learned how to swim by ourselves (with our tube floats).

Mya, Sylvia

We love to repeat whatever our mommies say (whether good or bad!) and they think we come up with some pretty funny things on our own. We really like to discover the world around us. We have definitely started to develop different personalities. Sylvia seems to be more sensitive, but she is also the leader and likes things her way.


Mya tends to be more independent from her mommies, but she follows along with whatever Sylvia wants to do.


Both of us love attention, but we also really like to play by ourselves. Our imaginations have really started growing and that's fun when we play together, but sometimes it's a little scary because we've started having some bad dreams. Mama is pretty good at explaining shadows and things to us, so we're still comfortable going to sleep. Speaking of sleep, we finally sleep a good 10 hours at night and still take our afternoon nap. At naptime, Sylvia falls asleep very quickly, and Mya needs to move around A LOT before she gets comfortable enough to sleep. At bedtime, we fall asleep on our own, but we have to have all of our stuffed animals with us and Mommies have to read us a book or sing songs. We love how Mommy reads the "monster" book (about Grover) and we love books about trains and dinosaurs and families and well, really, we love any book.

Sylvia, Mya

We know our ABCs and can count to 10. We like to sing songs (especially the itsy-bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle little star, old macdonald, and the wheels on the bus) and even make up our own songs about things that are going on around us. We like to do yoga and forward rolls. Most of all, we love to wear underwear! Mommies are just starting to let us wear it out of the house because sometimes we still have accidents, but we're getting good at telling Mommies when we have to go!

Mya, Sylvia

Well, that's about it from us for this year... Mommy edited and realized we stepped into the third person on occasion, but it's hard to speak on behalf of both of us... she's smart like that. :D

Sylvia & Mya

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girlranting said...

Let me just say your little girls are gorgeous!

I still haven't made up my mind as to whether they're identical or not though, I sometimes think I can distinctly tell them apart in their photos!

I hope they keep being the happy, healthy and wonderful children they seem to be, and that you guys continue to be the wonderful family you are!

Lots of hugs!