Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Moving and Sleeping

Quick update. We moved. The girls are loving the new house. They have much more room to run around and play without being on top of each other. They have their own room and a playroom which is really nice. They have slept through the night for 3 straight nights, now. Which is good because we needed the rest, too. Last night, they wanted to crawl all over me as I was putting them to sleep, so I decided to try letting them stay on their own. Can you believe in 15 minutes they were sound asleep in their bed? When I left, I heard them follow me to the door and do their fussy cry (I would have went back had it been real crying). Then I heard them start "talking" to each other. Then I didn't hear anything for about 5 minutes. Then a few fussy cries. I stood by the door incase it turned into real crying so I could go in if need be. Then nothing. Twenty minutes later, I peaked in and they were sound asleep... IN BED. Which means they crawled back up into the bed together and put themselves to sleep. How cute is that?!?!?!

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