Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas and such things

The girls had a wonderful Christmas. They really got into tearing apart the wrapping paper and opening boxes. They didn't necessarily play with all the toys, but they sure loved opening the boxes. Not even playing with the paper and boxes, but opening them and saying "ooooooh!" and then diving after the next box. It was quite cute.

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Sylvia - "What's next?!?"

They got a matching pair of duck pjs from Santa Mendy and when they opened them, they started quacking. C.U.T.E.

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Mendy, Sylvia & Mya (wearing their new pjs)

Their favorite gift was probably a set of strollers that my sister got for them. They push around their dolls and/or Pablo in them. Here is Mya with little Pablo.

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They also got sing & spin Pablo which was a hit, but caused a few fights over sharing. They have since learned to share Pablo.

We travelled to Georgia to visit Mendy's family for 5 days. It was really nice to see them. I love how her family adores the girls and will do anything for them. The girls did great on the plane and even though their little routine was screwed up, they didn't seem too fazed by it. They were happy as always and just as outgoing.

They should be going for their 18 month well-baby visit later this month, so I will be back with the details.

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