Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Setting: Doctor's office after an hour's wait. 6:10 pm Tuesday

Mommy (to Mya and Sylvia): Do you think the sun will still be up when we go outside or will it be dark?

Sylvia (to Mommy): It dark outside. It scare me.

Mommy (to Sylvia): Why does it scare you?

Sylvia (to Mommy): The monsters.

Mommy (to Sylvia): There's no monsters.

Sylvia (to Mommy): You save me?

Mya (to Sylvia): No, the moon save you.

Sylvia (to Mya): Oh, the moon. You save me?

Mya (to Sylvia): No, I not a mommy.

My kids know how the world works. And honestly, what can keep you more safe in your sleep than a pile of stuffed animals?

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Lauren said...

HI! Just found your blog! My partner Kaila and I are expecting twins in early august 2009! Your family is beautiful!