Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fall Update

It's been quite a while since the last update, but I'm still good on my one a month! The girls turned 16 months old on Saturday. I still can't believe how big they've gotten. I definitely have the baby bug, but we are going to wait a while until the girls grow out of their carseats... a few years anyway. Not too long, though. Eh, if I can talk Mendy into it, we'll start tomorrow!

They are physically progressing faster than I want them to! They're already able to jump and kick a ball and throw a ball (semi-correctly) and able to climb EVERYTHING in sight. They're creative little buggers, too. They'll move chairs out from the table to climb on them and then manuever themselves onto the table. Or their favorite... scaling the side of the desk to get onto our laps while we're using the computer. They can stack 5 blocks and then push over the sister's tower. They're still obsessed with musical instruments. They follow simple directions (shut the door, go throw this in the garbage, come here, bring me your ___insert toy here___) Expressive speech, they have words that are intelligible by Mendy and myself. "uh-oh", "hi", and "cat" are clear as day. They have their own words for "grandma", "cheese", "shoes", "puppy", "yeah", etc. They sign for "all-done", "more", "eat", and "sleep". They love reading books and talking to each other in their "twin talk". It's pretty darn cute when they plot things.

Ok, since I'm AT work and not DOING work, I need to go.

Here's a picture from Grandma's house...
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