Monday, January 07, 2008

Update: long overdue.

Well, it's been quite a while since I've updated the Mommyblog. I guess that's what happens when the lights of your life become increasing mobile and excited about every new opportunity! The girls have been a joy to watch in the past few months. They have become very attached to each other as friends and playmates, but will still play well with the other kids at their daycare. They seem to be happy any time they get to experience something new. Definitely my kids! They are having a difficult time handling all the indoor time here in Connecticut in the cold weather, but we try to make things as fun as possible. Lots of trips to the mall playgrounds and indoor playscapes. Trips to Grandma and Poppi's house and to see their cousins. They're learning to speak their minds and not give in. These are great qualities and ones I hope to foster as adults... but let me tell you, it kind of sucks when they're two and a half!!

Anyway, they absolutely enjoyed their Christmas this year. They really understood the whole "santa" thing this year. Every tree they saw, they said "Oooh! Presents... For me?!" Great, now I have little materialistic children! They got to fly in an airplane to see Papaw and Nana in Georgia. They were quite well behaved, especially for being off-schedule. As luck would have it, Sylvia ended up with a little stomach bug on our last day, but seemed to sleep it off pretty quickly and was okay for the flight home.

We spent New Year's Eve with their cousins and had fun wearing hats and blowing noise makers until all hours of the night... (which for me , lately, means 12:01).

Some of the cute things I've missed updating are the sayings they've come up with. They call ketchup, "kepitch". They tell you to "shhh! quiet, I'm on the phone" when they play with our cell phones. They tell you, "better go to sleep, the train is coming!" because if you're not sleeping, the Polar Express won't pick you up. They say, "listen, Mommy, no touch, it's hot... okay?" when they make food in their kitchen for us and they make very concerned faces... especially Sylvia.

Sylvia seems to be the serious of the two and Mya seems to be the jokester. But on the whole, they're both very silly girls. Mya is still the heavier of the two and I think they're pretty much the same height at this point.

I'll try to get on here more often to post... try being the operative word.

My life is good.

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J* said...

OMG your daughters are drop dead gorgeous!!