Wednesday, January 25, 2006

6 Month Update... a few days late...

So the girls went to the doctor on the 19th and they got an excellent report. Sylvia weighed 12lbs 8oz and Mya weighed 12lbs 14oz. My big girls! The doctor kept calling them "petite". It was so cute. Well, here are their milestones as of 6 months...

Both girls are sitting up for about 30 seconds, eating fun solids like apples and pears and squash and pumpkin and zucchini, rolling over from back to tummy and playing in their bouncy seat and exersaucer. The doctor gave them the okay to start veggie puffs and cheerios! It's fun to watch them try to eat the veggie puffs. They pick them up in a fist, bring their fist to their mouths and gum their hands! They haven't figured out to open their fists to get the veggie puffs out yet!

Sylvia is starting to babble consonants and rolls ONE direction. I think I got a giggle out of her yesterday.
Mya rolls BOTH directions and is starting to giggle.

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