Tuesday, January 17, 2006

After Holiday update

I was going to do a photo-journal update, but I did that on my other journal, and now I'm lazy, so here goes the written version...

Well, let's see, where to start... Winter break was a BLAST. We flew up to CT on the 27th and the girls did AMAZING on the plane. I must have good plane kharma since I'm nice to kids on planes We had Christmas with my family that night. They got lots of cool toys and clothes and stuffed animals, etc. My dad got to meet them for the first time and fell in love with them (how could you not?!?! ). Same goes for my oldest sister (who couldn't visit when I had them because she has two boys of her own) and my grandparents. My nephews were really good with them with the exception of the two year old who seemed to think they were trampolines! He is the most rambunctious and yet endearing 2 year old I've ever met. I had a great time with them. It was so much fun to just play without worrying about the girls since they had 2 million babysitters while we were there.

We did some apartment hunting in Middletown and found a few things we liked, so I hope we'll be able to really get moving on that front. I think we're going to put up our house in February.

We brought the girls on the train to NYC and hung out in Manhattan and took them to Strawberry Fields where we took their picture on the Imagine stones. That was an incredible trip.

They also got to see their first snow. Sylvia was like "what is this cold stuff hitting me in the face?" and Mya just sort of sat there. It was pretty cute.

They also got to meet Mya's future husband Liam. He took an immediate and unrelenting interest in Mya. He just sort of ignored Sylvia! And he is absolutely adorable.

We just relaxed most of time and spent time with family. It was nice to hear my dad say that we were good parents and that he was impressed at how well DP and I worked as a team and took back earlier comments that being in a two-mom family would be bad for them. It really made myself as well as M feel much more "welcome".

Now it is January 17th and the girls have both learned how to sit! They can go for about 45 seconds before they get distracted and topple over. Very cute!

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