Monday, December 19, 2005

L'il Swimmers

My girls are naturals!!! They had their first big pool swimming outing on Friday. We stayed for almost 45 minutes and they didn't fuss a single minute. They absolutely loved it. When I was pulling Mya around the pool on her tummy, she actually flutter-kicked her feet! She's so talented! And Sylvia, also talented, did a near perfect breaststroke kick! Whee! I will live vicariously through my children! But, I hope I don't become "that mom". I'm so proud. *tear*

They also got their first taste of oatmeal for their 5 month birthday yesterday (also my 5 month breastfeeding milestone!). They ate it like they have never seen food before. I was impressed. Unfortunately, it didn't help them sleep at all, but at least they liked it and it didn't make them sick! I think it made them thirsty, though, because they guzzled breastmilk and formula all night afterwards! Or, perhaps, it's a growth spurt. I'm hoping it's a growth spurt because their sleeping habits went from almost sleeping through the night, to every 4 hours again. Oy!

I can't wait until Christmas break... Only 4 more days! Woot!

Pictures will be forthcoming when I develop the swimming pictures... it was a disposable camera, so I need to finish the roll.

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