Friday, December 02, 2005


Mya the sleepy munchkin slept for 10... you read that right... 10 hours last night, uninterrupted. Way to go, Mya Munchkin! We went to dinner with M's faculty for their holiday gathering and the girls stayed awake from the time they got home until about 8:00 with a little catnap at the restaurant. They went to bed at 8:00. Sylvia slept until 2:05 for a total of 6 hours... pretty good for the little one. But Mya made it until 5:47!!!! Only 13 minutes before my alarm goes off! Perfect timing to feed her and get up at my normal time!

We are having their dedication ceremony at church on Christmas Eve. It should be a very pretty service.

I'm trying to find a digital camcorder that I like that will play on the TV. I want to have a record of the ceremony. But, I also sort of want to wait for all the good after Christmas sales! Doh!

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