Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, we had our Christmas party on Saturday. It went REALLY well. We did a white elephant gift exchange and it was fun to watch everybody eyeing everyone else's gifts. I got a Dr. Seuss trivia game stolen from me :( and I ended up with a box of candy... just what I DIDN'T need. I had a cooking mishap, though... In all the stress of getting ready (and fighting with M who decided it would be okay to leave me alone with both the girls while trying to cook and get the house ready for 25 people, but that's a story in it's own), I forgot to put foil over the pasta dishes that I made. So after 40 minutes when I went to check on it, you can imagine how dry and crusty the outsides were! Ugh! I was able to salvage enough of the middles of everything to feed everyone and it was all okay in the end (and I won the argument and only had one of the girls to watch!).

Sylvia started to giggle yesterday at church! They usually do a happy squeal when they laugh, but Sylvia let out an actual giggle. Which of course cracked me up which made her laugh more. It was a happy cycle. Mya still does the squeal, but she is starting to get a little more social. She was talking up a storm when we went to SILs house for the Survivor finale!

Mya also decided that she likes to stand. She'll put her butt against the couch and wiggle while she stands until her little knees give out. It's so cute to watch!

Here's a few pics to share...

Sylvia baking cookies

Mya standing (she can do it for about 15 seconds leaning her back on something)

Ok, I had more pics, but they're not working. WTF?

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