Friday, February 24, 2006


The girls are on their way to crawling. Sylvia starting pushing up onto her hands and knees 2 days ago and Mya started yesterday. They can only stay a few seconds, but they are so ready to crawl. Sylvia puts one hand out and collapses, but she wants to and she knows how to do it. It's so weird how they just know what to do.

They also started trying to stack the rings on their stacker toy. It's so precious to watch them "play".

They are just growing up so fast. The cry to be put BACK INTO their co-sleeper now. They don't need Mommy anymore! :( I'm pretty sure they're just too warm between us with their winter sleepers, but it's so sad.

At 7 months, Sylvia weighed 14.0 and Mya weighed 14.6. My big girlies! Ok, so they just grew into their 3-6 month clothes, but they're big to me!

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