Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mobility hurts.

Ok, the mommy worry-wart rears her ugly head... be prepared.

The girls are mobile. I wouldn't say "crawling" necessarily, but definitely mobile. So yesterday, I was changing Mya on the couch when Sylvia started shrieking because in her attempt to go from a sit to a crawl got stuck between part of her toy. So I go to rescue Sylvia and CRASH. Mya crawled, fell off the couch into the coffee table and got a HUGE bruise and raised bump on the back of her head. I was so scared. I ended up waking her up after she went to bed just in case she had a concussion (and omg, she's so cute when she's wicked drowsy). She seemed just fine this morning and I think the fact that I put ice on her head was more traumatizing than the fall. This of course all occurred two days after Sylvia pulled a toy down on top of her and got a big bump and a cut over her eye from it. I'm not feeling like the best of mothers these days. I know these events are inevitable and the girls are hearty little ones... but I swear I'm buying helmets. My kids will NEVER ride bikes... okay, at least not while I'm there. I really have to learn how to handle both of them being mobile at the same time... and quickly! Here are some pictures for your amusement...

Me w/Mya and Mendy w/Sylvia on the top of Kennesaw Mountain

A little Sylvie-lovin' on the mountain

Aww, tiny twinsies!!!!! Remember when....

My friend Gwen with Mya on the mountain


gatomboy said...

You are a great mother... and you better put them in a bubble right now if you don't want them to ever get hurt! lol Andrew had three broken bones by the time he was 5. :(

Liam's Mommy said...

Awww...we all have had those moments. On any given day, Liam has a huge purple bruise and/or a bump on his forehead from learning to pull up and walk and falling headfirst into something. BTW, L has fallen off the couch twice already.

You're an awesome twinmama.