Thursday, May 18, 2006

Has it truly been 10 months?

The girlies are 10 months old today. I can't even fathom that I have kids yet and they're almost a year old! As a co-worker told me when I came back from my maternity leave "motherhood suits you". I absolutely love this. I can't believe that people complain about it. I will NEVER be tired of it. I don't even get tired all that often. Perhaps I don't need much sleep, but I have to admit, I like waking up with the girls in the middle of the night. I love that time with them. And no, they are not sleeping through the night yet, so it's not like "I don't remember those days". The hormones did kick my butt for two or three months and made me irritable with Mendy, i'll admit that, but not the babies... the babies have been my saving grace.

At 10 months, their new tricks are popping out teeth like nobody's business, cruising around the furniture, standing for a few moments unassisted, being "soooo biiiiig", eating everything in sight (hummus is the big winner by far), trying to say and wave "bye-bye", and clapping and laughing at mommies.

Soon they'll be potty-trained and taking driver's ed... I dread the 1st birthday... I'm gonna be a wreck!

Here we are just a' swingin':



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