Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Swimming and such...

The girls have had busy Georgia weekends lately. A few weeks ago we went to the aquarium and the zoo. This past weekend, we went to the Renaissance Festival and also signed up for swimming lessons! The Ren Fest was SO much fun. The girls got their picture taken with Mother Goose:

That's Mya with Mendy and Sylvia with me.

They also went to the petting zoo which they loved... I definitely have some animal lovers on my hands. I think I know where they get that from!

They start swimming lessons next Thursday. I can't wait! I love sticking them in their bathing suits. We got them new ones because they grew out of their old ones. As soon as we take some pictures, I'll post them.

Hmm... thought there was more to post than that... well, I guess I could say that they both do "How big is Sylvia/Mya?" "Soooooo Biiiiiiiiiiig" pretty well now. It's quite cute.

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Ms. McKeeman's Class said...

absolutely adorable!