Tuesday, July 18, 2006

1st Birthday...

Well, the day has arrived. In a matter of minutes, my girls will be one year old. At this time last year, my epidural was starting to kick in and I was being prepped for my c-section. And like any blog-addicted mother should do, I will now reminisce and tell their birth story.

On July 8th, 2005, I had an appointment with Dr. Potter (the high-risk OB). I was sent straight from his office to the hospital to be monitored for pre-eclampsia. I was given drugs to make sure I didn't start contractions via IV. However, because I get sick when ANY medicine is given to be intravenously, I spent the next two days vomitting. They finally took my IV out and let me be... with the exception of blood work every 6 hours and vitals every 4 hours. I was on solid bedrest. I was having regular contractions, but nothing that was considered labor. Because I was pre-eclampsic, I retained a LOT of water. I literally could not see my toes, ankles, or knee caps. Towards the end, even my hips became swollen. But, surprisingly, other than having trouble getting back and forth to the bathroom and occasional vomitting, I wasn't feeling all that bad. Mendy kept me entertained by playing scrabble with me. I did a number of crossword puzzles, many friends came to visit me and bring me magazines and sat and talked to keep me company. I truly am blessed to have such wonderful people around me. I ordered the same meals over and over... "grilled cheese", "garden burger", "tater tots", and "the southern veggie sampler" from the hospital cafeteria. They had surprisingly good food.

Fast forward to 10 days later, July 18th, 2005. The nurses came in for my routine morning bloodwork. At around 2:45PM, the doctor came back with the results that my blood platelets were dropping. This is a sure sign that full blown eclampsia is about to set in (which could cause stroke amongst other things). The doctor gave me a choice to deliver "now" or at 8:00PM. I had to have a c-section because both girls were breech. So, of course, feeling the way I did, and having an overwhelming desire to meet my daughters, I said "now". Thus ensued a whirlwind of activity. My IV was put back in, I was hooked up to monitors, prepped for surgery, wheeled in to the OR, given an epidural (which they had to give me twice... worst shot ever) and adjusted for the surgery. Then, when I was ready to go, Mendy was allowed in to the OR in her scrubs. As Dr. Francis began the surgery, Mendy peeked over the curtain and promptly got sick. Not from the blood or anything, but from the fact that they were "being so rough" and because "my skin was smoking". Then at 3:35, Sylvia Eve Mirto was born. She was taken to get cleaned off and her vitals taken (all within my sight). Then I was able to give her a kiss before she was taken to the other room to keep her warm and have her breathing watched closely (because they were preemies). At 3:36, Mya Jane Mirto was born. Again, she was taken to get cleaned off and get vitals, etc. I gave her a kiss and they took her out to be with Sylvia. Mendy went with them. Dr. Francis finished stitching me up and I was wheeled into the OR recovery room where I was able to nurse my daughters for the first time. I couldn't believe how tiny they were... or how beautiful they were... and I never thought I'd ever feel such unconditional love as I did at that moment. My heart could not have contained any more emotion at the moment.

After they finished monitoring me post-surgery and deemed me well enough to go back to a regular recovery room, they sent me and my morphine drip away to spend time with my new family. It was truly a wonderful feeling.

However, remember how I don't tolerate IV drugs? Well, the morphine drip was IV. So, as the epidural wore off and I had to give myself the morphine, I, of course, got sick for the remainder of the night... which isn't a comfortable feeling after your stomach muscles have just been severed and restitched! The next day when I was off the drip, I felt much better. I did feel extreme pain for the next two days, but every day it got 200% better. Every ounce of pain I felt I would endure a million times over for my children.

It was the best experience of my entire life. I hope it continues to be the best experience of my entire life. I plan on learning every day, loving every day, and not missing a moment of their fragile lives. My world is now theirs and I give it willingly.

Happy First Birthday, Sylvia and Mya. I love you two with all my heart and soul.

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Jody said...

Waiting for the girls to arrive for those 10 days in the hospital was like waiting for Christmas morning. Every minute felt like an eternity. Thank goodness for Malika's portable DVD player, the Major League Baseball Homerun Derby, a new digital camera, a visit from Gaia, fruit baskets, unlimited Coke and juice (for myself), and a fairly comfy chair/bed! Even though it wasn't exactly an exciting stay until that 10th day, I also, would gladly do it over again! I love you! - mendy