Monday, September 11, 2006

Day Care Woes...

I'm feeling like a terrible mom lately. I thought I had good kids. I have no trouble watching them at home. They are active, yes. They're twin 1 year olds with sharing issues. I'm pretty sure all 1 year olds have sharing issues. They are starting to hit/bite each other. I always thought all kids experimented with that around this age and that it got better once they started using language. I thought I was doing everything right. If anything, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. But, it looks like my kids are too much of a handful for everyone else. Our first CT nanny lasted a week and a half. The second nanny lasted a day and then never showed up again. We are currently looking for number three. If any of my lovely readers have suggestions, throw them all at me or e-mail me. I am interviewing 2 more people tonight and 2 more on Tuesday. I'm at a loss. I can't afford to send them to a daycare and I obviously can't seem to find a nanny that fits my kids. *sigh*

On a good note, they are walking around like crazy and starting to run a little bit... they're very awkward when they run and it usually ends in a faceplant... but it's cute! Check out my LiveJournal for a video that I posted a few days ago if you haven't seen them walking yet. They're starting to get used to having shoes on their feet, but I hate putting shoes on them, so I don't do it often. It's so bad for their development and their arches. Mya is starting to talk and calls her favorite stuffed animal, Pablo - BAH-BO!

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