Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The New Blog

Hello lovelies...

I don't know how many people will actually read this, but I suppose it will be good for me to have in the future. This will be my blog that represents all that is mommyhood. Mendy and I are raising our two wonderful twin daughters in the southland of hate. Well, at least for a year, then we'll go where we're a bit freer! Back north to the progressive cold.

The most recent update I have regarding the girls is that they got their first immunizations yesterday! It was way more traumatic for me than it was for them. That needle is huge! It looks like it's going to go completely through their tiny little legs! Since they're twins they also are more at risk for a certain lung disease and therefore are going to have to get another series of vaccinations for that. Gross! Poor babies! They were a little out of sorts last night and cried a bit. Not the screaming cry that they need something, but just a sort of uncomfortable wailing. It hurt my heart.

Today, we're going to take them to vote for the first time :)

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Liam's Mommy said...

YAYAYAY! I love the new blog!
I know exactly what you mean about the immunizations. I cried more than he did. The nurse had to stay with me for a few minutes to help me calm down.