Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sick yuckiness

So, the girls are sick for the first time :(

Sylvia got it first and transferred it right over to her sister. They have thrush and a mild case of croup. Yuck. They sound like they've lost their voices.

Today, we went to a GLBT families picnic downtown Atlanta (I thought the fresh air would do them good as well). We had a great time and of course they were cooed over. Some friends of ours brought their 8-year old son and we played some football together. He's one heck of an athelete for an 8-year old. He has a perfect spiral and can throw the ball further than I can! Anyway, when we got back home, Mendy's dad and his new wife and kids came over to visit. They left around 5 and the girls were really cranky. They didn't get their nap in today... just a few little snoozes here and there. We had a really tough time getting them both down to sleep, but they are finally down and resting comfortably... I hope. I have a feeling I"m going to be checking them to see if they're breathing constantly tonight.

God, I love those girls.


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Liam's Mommy said...


Hope they feel better soon.

Give 'em a kiss from Auntie L & Uncle C.

BTW, you can get rid of unwanted spam comments like that by turning on word verification from your dashboard. :o)