Sunday, November 13, 2005

Greatest Day Ever

FYI, currently I can't post on this blog from work. Therefore, I will probably only update on here once a week.

I can't believe what a great day today was. I'm feeling much better since they flushed out my kidneys (yes, yet another bout of stones). And on top of that, last night, the girls slept for... get this... 8 HOURS!!!!!! Obviously, Mendy and I woke up quite rejuvenated.

We went to church this morning and they played in the nursery and didn't cry once (other than their regular "give me some food" cries). And they didn't cry in their car seats on the way there or on the way home! When we got home from church, we had some tummy time and Sylvia ROLLED OVER for the first time (stomach to back). It was so exciting! I'm pretty sure it was an accident, but she did it all on her own! Then they fell asleep for their nap and Mendy and I got some much needed cleaning done. Sylvia slept for about 2 hours and Mya slept for 4 hours!!! I made lasagne and we ate dinner before she woke up!! Then we played a little longer gave them baths and went to bed. Everyone was in an incredible mood today. That's what happens when you get tons of sleep! (Wow, did I just think 8 hours was TONS of sleep? I'm officially a Mom now).

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Liam's Mommy said...


Way to roll, Sylvie! Isn't the first time great? They look around like, "How the hell did I get here?"

So glad everything/everyone is in tune. Here's hoping for many more sleepful (?) nights.