Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hands and Feet

The computer at my work is not letting me update this site. I'm not sure why. It works fine at home. Anyways, here goes the update:

As of Monday, Miss Mya weighs 10lbs 0oz. Miss Sylvia weighs 9lbs 14.5oz. She almost caught up to little sis! On Thursday night, they decided to let mommy fight a cold she's been trying to avoid by SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! 6 hours long! I'm so proud! And I was rested on Friday! Unfortunately, it's not the trend, but hey, they did it! As of today, November5, Mya has been very interested in her hands and feet. Sylvia looks at them for a few seconds, but is not intensely interested like Mya yet. They finally let me read them books, but only if they're in a good mood.

Oh, and I don't like when strangers ask to hold my babies. That's just weird.

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Liam's Mommy said...

I hate when random people touch my baby. No touchy, no feely.

So, I talked to C...and I think we're on board for next year! Woot!

I'll call ya to discuss it more.