Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Update from 11/14 and some new news.

The girls would NOT nurse yesterday. *edit-Monday* It's totally freaking me out. I know one day won't hurt supply too much, but I don't want it to be a trend. They wouldn't nurse last night either. I'm wondering if it's because of the antibiotics I'm on. I had to give them mucho formula yesterday since they're also going through a growth spurt right now. UGH. And they're just not sleeping well either. Once in a while we'll get a great sleep out of them and then they go back to only sleeping for 3-4 hours. *edit - Wednesday* The girls ate well last night... I think I was partially dehydrated from the infection... I drank a lot and after I tried to put the girls to the breast and they freaked, I waited 5 minutes and tried again, and they were okay... not the best, but they did well. Of course, today I have to stay at work for a PTA meeting, so I'm hoping they'll be hungry when I get home and they can get a good nursing in. I wish I could pump.

I'm also kind of pissed at our nanny. I totally love how she interacts with the girls and plays with them and is a great care-giver, but every time I pick them up they're in disposable diapers. WTF? I understand if you run out of the cloth liners which does happen... that's why I gave her a stash of disposables, but she tells me, "oh I just got lazy when my kids got home (she has 3 kids of her own) from school". I comment on it politely, but it keeps happening. We'll see what happens when I pick them up today. *edit - Wednesday* They were in cloth yesterday... phew!

Exciting girls news... Sylvia is now officially rolling over on purpose. She sticks her little butt in the air, gets her arms over head, wiggles her butt and rolls. She's very precise about it. Mya, on the other hand, when we put her on her tummy, she wiggles her arm up to her face, sticks her thumb in her mouth and looks at us like "and you wanted me to do what?". Their personalities are definitely starting to shine through. Cute little babies.

In other news, it seems that I can't get on this blog during my lunch like I usually do, I can get on after hours. I wish they'd change that to BEFORE hours because that's when I'm here.

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